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All the Ladies in the Crowd Get Money!


This blog is dedicated to the fairer sex — women.  Why?  Because women are go-getters!  They sell more, create more, and simply do more, especially when it comes to starting businesses these days.   Most guys won’t admit it, but they usually will hire a woman to get the tedious tasks done (otherwise known as a “work wife”).  Now that may not be politically correct to say, but it’s totally true….Just sayin’!

Fact is, before the JOBS ACT TITLE II provisions opened the market to accredited investors, and allowed companies and funds to raise capital through general solicitation to the market, women were more apt to start a new entrepreneurial adventure before their male counterparts. They did so due to necessity, dissatisfaction with the Corporate World, and/or to simply live out a huge dream.

These days limitations to finance are practically non-existent, some sense, for women and men. There is absolutely no reason why anyone can’t raise capital to get a business started.  In particular, crowd funding is now allowing more women to blossom as financial players, and in turn, opening more doors for everyone.


For example, take a look at Ministry of Supply and its co-founder, Kit Hickey, one of those rare women who graduated from MIT Sloan School of Business. Hickey is a guest speaker at the Kickercon: Crowd Funding Conference & Expo, to be held in Houston.  Let’s just say her products are “Space Age.” Where else can you find clothing that uses totally cool techno-advanced materials and processes to create highly comfortable and unique clothing pieces? Every geek on the planet should be buying her men’s shirts and pants. If you don’t find this concept totally awesome, then you have no emotion.  Thanks, Sal Khan.


Lisa Qiu, CEO of Nomiko, was described by one of her colleagues as a high-energy, super-smart person who knows everybody.  She’s a social hub who knows how to make connections between people, and is extremely passionate about creating an amazing experience for her customers.  Did I also mention she can cook?  Her company, Nomiko, designs and builds the world’s most approachable immersion circulator for sous vide cooking.


As Co-Founder and first CEO of Zipcar, Robin Chase helped pioneer the Collaborative Economy. Today, Zipcar is the largest car-sharing company in the world. Recognized as both a thought leader and an in-the-trenches practitioner, Robin is a frequent keynote speaker at conferences (she’s given over 150 talks in the past two years) and is regularly profiled by the media.



Helen Greiner is Co-Founder of iRobot and Cyphy Works.  Since age 11 her goal always has been to create robots. Now this dream has been refined –and fulfilled – by her firm’s ability to create robots helping people do the lion’s share of dull and dirty chores. Helen believes understanding biological systems helps humans build better robots, and building robots helps humans better understand biological systems. Her long-term goal? Nothing short of understanding the nature of intelligence.


Pamela R. Contag, Ph.D., is CEO of Cygnet Biofuels and CSO of Origen Therapeutics. Dr. Contag founded four venture-backed start-up companies:  Xenogen Corp. (completed a public offering in 2004 and was subsequently acquired); Cobalt Technologies (now in product demonstration); Cygnet Biofuels (develops low-cost enzymes); and ConcentRx (a novel therapeutic for oncology indications). Dr. Contag was named one of the “Top 25 Women in Small Business” by Fortune magazine.


Ping Fu is a Chinese-American entrepreneur who co-founded 3D software development company Geomagic. Ping was its CEO until February 2013, when the company was acquired by 3D Systems Inc.

Those are just a few of the many examples of women making things happen on their own.  As crowd funding becomes more popular and powerful, I think women will rule the world all that much faster.  With platforms like SpringBoard, Moola Hoop, Plum Alley and over 200 crowd-funding platforms, how can they fail?